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I am a designer who was influenced a lot by growing up around the forever-shifting sea and the landscapes of my home 'Jeju Island'. I play with my style by combining modern aesthetics in my fashion. My garments carry narratives of my vision of biodegradable material, and my interest in Ulva fabric was instigated by this and it remains an important part of my future inquiry. I see material innovation and development as a fundamental part of my practice as a fashion designer living in 2023. My interest in modern aesthetics was rooted in great artists such as Eva Hesse, Madame Gres, and Cecilia Vicuna - they use restricted color to tell their stories in their art. Therefore I tend to use muted colors and fuse them with the silhouette that alludes to flowy movement and constructed structure.

In my graduating senior collection, for instance, the constructed blazer was layered with the draped dress made with wrinkle-textured crepe organza. The contrast of fabric also portrayed the unification of modern and fluidity - lightweight crepe organza goes together with heavyweight cotton twill. Moreover, diagonal and straight lines which always remind me of Bauhaus minimalistic architectures boost my overall garments to be looked powerful when it goes with heavyweight fabrics.

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